Luminária Couche

O pendente vencedor Couche 60 tem um design exclusivo com recortes a laser, em formatos de círculos concêntricos e em camadas, oferecendo luxo e inovação para qualquer ambiente. Na cor branca e com desenhos de bolas, possui 32 cm de altura e 60 cm de diâmetro.

The Couche 60 is made of overlapping layers that provides a soft illumination. The pendant light operates optical effects of light and depth. The use of rustic fabric and laser cutting finishing, gives the product a bold design, unmatched in the market. It features lightweight structure made of aluminum, which makes the installation and handling easy. Suitable for intimate settings, home-theater and dining rooms, the Couche 60 target audiences are architects, interior designers and all those that seek to design and efficient lighting.