Casa Ipanema

Casa Ipanema is more than a store. Designed in collaboration with Grendene’s Design Director Edson Matsuo and located in its namesake neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Casa Ipanema is a gallery where fans of the sandal brand and carioca culture can exchange ideas and experiences. The ground floor is an open space that integrates Casa to the street and invites passersby to go in. The Portuguese mosaic sidewalk sneaks in and covers the back wall that casts natural light when hit by the sun coming through a skylight. Some of the decorative objects were purchased and some were donated by neighbors, proof that Casa has been fully integrated to the area from the very start. The balcony lends itself as a cultural venue as well: there, cultural and artistic events are held that propose interventions in the space. That way, users become co-creators of new experiences, which means Casa Ipanema is constantly reinventing itself.


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