Fiat Palio Adventure Locker

Technical Specifications


Manufacturer | FIAT Automóveis _ Fábrica Italiana Automóveis Turim

Design | Fiat Automóveis Style Center

Description | light off-road vehicle

Year manufactured | 2008


Virtual Development

The Locker is the software for the Palio Adventure. The FIAT has always had an Adventure class. The Adventure name is strongly linked to Fiat, thus, the next logical step was to continue the evolution of the traditional Adventure lines. The Adventure line is 40% to 60% of the Fiat product mix, which is why it deserves special attention. The challenge in this project was to outdo the very strong and memorable design (Italdesign- Giugiaro) of the previous Palio Weekend Adventures.



The project involved 4 design development guidelines to offer internal clients different directions during the presentations, selections and approvals. The main idea was to reinforce the size impression and strength of the model.

Design development lasted 18 months, from the definition of the guidelines and first sketches to approval of the final mathematical calculations and master style plans. Off-road models available on the market and concept-cars and their embedded parts were used for reference, due to their strength and hardiness.


The project began with trend research and benchmarking done by the designers based on the product/marketing briefing. Once the guidelines were defined, the first interpretational sketches were drawn based on the briefing and the guidelines. After confirmation of the directions, the photorealistic image phase began, which included the four different design lines.

Next, two of the proposals were chosen to be virtually modeled with CAS (Computer Aided Styling). Then, Engineering came in to discuss feasibility, aerodynamics, ergonomics, consumption/performance, developing costs/investments, etc.

Modelagem física – usinagem do master model


These two models are made in 1:1 scale and transformed into models for volume evaluation. After choosing between the two calculations, the development and manual adjustments of this 1:1 scale model continue. It is called the style model and is very similar to a production vehicle. After this object is presented to and approved by the board and superintendent, its development is frozen. The project development as a whole is managed by the Platform sector.



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