Galeria Melissa

When we checked out the place where the Gallery was to be set up, we felt that the space afforded a cozy distance from the city’s hustle and bustle. We then drew a parallel with the oldest shelters there are – caves. We developed the project based on that notion. Designed in collaboration with Edson Matsuo, Grendene’s Design Director, Galeria Melissa was thought out to evoke the sense of shelter, a haven in the midst of the metropolis. Floor, walls and ceiling were given the same finish to accentuate that feeling, and shoes are on display on small elevations by the walls and on the floor meant to resemble stalagmites – cave formations that shoot off from the ground towards the ceiling.  To complete the atmosphere of mystery, we created an organic void on the floor at the back of the store. This void is the Gallery’s heart. Its creation was inspired in the manufacturing process of Melissa products, as it evokes the channel through which plastic is injected into the footwear mold. Fitted with visual projections that are constantly changing, this heart casts off catalyzing power and energy throughout the place. In other words, it is bold architecture, but one which lends itself as a support for interventions by guest artists.

melissa gallery soho

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