Solarium Revestimentos: Catavento

Manufacturer: Solarium Revestimentos

Design: Renata Rubim

Product: Catavento

Year manufactured: 2011

Prizes: IF

Basic dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 2,4cm

Predominant material: Cement

Fabrication process: Precast


The Company

Solarium Revestimentos is a small decoration company founded in 1997 that specializes in floors and wall panels. The company has over 120 employees and 30 cement and precast panel product lines. It has factories in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Brasilia and Recife, and a sales office in Rio de Janeiro. Solarium uses unique design and high quality concrete technology, and distributes its products to over 200 panel boutiques throughout Brazil.


Catavento Panel

The Catavento panel was created with surface designer Renta Rubim. Its irregular shape was inspired by elements and movements found in nature. The market is competitive and eager for novelties, thus, the company decided to meet the existing demand for products with volume and curves.





The Catavento panel achieved the project objectives and prerequisites, and successfully met expectations. Project development took five months, which included calculations, machining, molds and completion. Its irregular shape was specially projected for wall panels. Billing and sales volumes increased after the creation of this wall panel, and sales began to cover larger areas, both nationally and with exports to a number of foreign countries.


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