Privacy policy

The privacy policy described here is aplicam both potential contributors as cadastram junto to Design Brazil , bem as companies and profissionais that desejam cadastrar for fazer is part of OUR bank data , the Quai will be jointly defined herein as ” Users ” . And , em breed também contain devices on utilização cookies , this Privacy Policy is applicable even in this sense , to all visitors of the portal Design Brazil .

The portal is Brazil Design um PROJECT Brazilian Program Design ( PBD ) , conducted with the sponsorship of Senai , SEBRAE and Ministry of Development , Industry and Foreign Trade ( MDIC ) . The goal is to coordinate hair and Design Center Brazil tem as objetivo build the Network Design for integração Brazil , and convergence of various cooperação ações in the area , em across the country. To make possible this channel comunicação , FAZ up necessário cadastramento the potential of both companies as collaborators and profissionais that desejam fazer part of OUR bank data . This cadastramento will be given through the filling of data cadastrais em form their own advantage .

At the end of the junto to cadastramento Design Brazil , users deverão anuir expressamente the terms here and willing , to fazerem this estarão automatically agreeing with the utilização of your data in the form cadastrais here ready . Case for alguma race, the biggest user of necessite clarification with respect to this Privacy Policy shall encaminhar uma mensagem hair CONTACT form .

This Privacy Policy will be permanently AVAILABLE Design portal in Brazil , em Access to site easy . Its content can be changed in the future to fit it inovações input into the technology and / or market being , therefore , the sole responsibility of the user to consult it regularly to keep updated on the Assunto . The modificações they are made ​​to this Privacy Policy will switch to be applicable from the date of serving the new portal versão Design in Brazil .


The data of users cadastrais NON will be used for any major purpose alheia ações input into the Design and behold Brazil will be granted or transferred to third parties . On the other hand , em breed of their own proposal of the portal Design Brazil , certain informações both business and profissionais , quanto potential employees , might be one made ​​available in accordance with the described below.

1.1 . Sign Business :

Businesses or profissionais that is desejarem cadastrar , WELL as having Access to the Database Design from Brazil , deverão fill form cadastramento rise in step . Entities devem be that certain scientific informações provided in the form of cadastramento (name, phone , number of employees , etc.). Estarão disponíveis Design in Brazil for users of the portal.


The fornecimento of informações cadastrais that will part of the Database Design Brazil is the sole responsibility of the user em questão , he undertook expressamente informações to provide anything other than truthful , WELL UPDATE as to keep constant the same , if ocorram quaisquer Changes . The Design Brazil NON tolerate utilização OUR channel for the practice of any major type of fraud and em this race , you will have total autonomy to exclude the Access to the users for their Servicos that forneçam informações false .

3 . AREAS Access to Restricted

Certain areas of Design Brazil will have Access to restricted containing informações specific reference to certain users ( companies , employees and profissionais ) and No. estarão the public disponíveis em geral , NEM same to the other users of the Design Brazil . The Access to these areas will be done by anything other than using login and users m sinh hair relação the Quai such informações if refiram diretamente .

4 . Login and sinh

When you cadastrarem Design in Brazil , users constituirão and sinh own login , which deverão be considered pessoais and intransferíveis . It is the sole responsibility of each user zelar pela Segurança and confidentiality of your login and sinh , devendo still respond to any major misuse Sejas that made ​​them.

5 . Submission Bulletin DESIGN BRAZIL

All informações provided to users hairs Design Brazil TEM as the primary objetivo formação um bank of data that Posse work as one channel of exchange informações . In this sense , NON MAKE OUR part of the policy of sending any major email or mensagem não requested . No. However , at the time of cadastramento , users choose poderão Hair Design Bulletin receipt of Brazil , containing informações updated with respect to the subject atividades linked to the goal .


Cookies são small text files sent to the user’s computer , and in them ficam armazenados as one ” CARDBOARD to visit .” They allows me the computer wearer’s Sejas reconhecido whenever accessing the portal . No. Cookies allows me to sejam removed quaisquer data from your computer , viruses and carregam No. No. Let me read the content of rigid disk on your computer . Should the user prefer , you can select in your program navegação on the Internet , the challenge of opção the assimilation of cookies or automatically sem oil them that I HAVE to be consulted every time .


As set out above , the Designer shall behold Brazil informações cadastrais of users to third parties . However , users devem be scientific case that we do sejamos formally urged to this by administrative authorities ( including police ) or relevant lawsuits .

The Design Brazil will seek to take reasonable Care in their power to PROTECT the data of their users against Access to , loss or improper alteração . The user shall be cient , porém , the environment of the Internet has never been and will never be provavelmente 100 % safe . It is up to the user exclusively the responsibility for choosing , with their conhecimentos or seeking Assessoria third party , on the convenience of using the Design Brazil Nesse context , even considering the rules and warnings provided here .

The Design Brazil has with its users and with other visitors to keep the respect to this Privacy Policy. In the case of the finding of noncompliance condições provided here , the Design Brazil may, at its sole discretion , fazer warnings or suspend , temporarily or permanently , the Access to the their Servicos , sem prejuízo cabíveis other measures , to determine the cessation of the improper practice and / or seek to repair their consequence .